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3dsMax Tutorial

a couple of minutes ago we had some kind of introduction to the
pivot point tool .
we said that when you try to move a 3D object , they all move
according to a point called the pivot point . the pivot point is usually
positioned at the bottom center of the 3d objects that we draw . and
as we said the coordinations you see down here define where the
pivot point of the object is going to be on the grid . for example if we
enter both coordinates 0 , the pivot point is going to be placed at
point 0 and 0 .
Now we are going to speak more about the pivot point but in a
scenario which in this case is a door .
I’ve drawn this door which includes the door frame the door knob
and the door itself . and as you can see when I draw this box the
pivot point is at the bottom center as a default .
so when I try to rotate the door , it goes something like this . as you
know the door hinges would be on this side , so the pivot point
should be here , so when we open the door it would open normally .
But before that ,
in order for the door knob to move with the door when we open it ,
we use the link tool to link the door knob with the door
Now if I rotate the door , the knob rotates as well ,
but we still have a problem . the door rotates , but not the way it
should . it’s more like that kind of window that’s center-pivot , but
our door is side hinged.
So what should we do ?!
Since it all comes to hierarchy , we move to the hierarchy section .
The first option on the hierarchy is the pivot by default .
in this area we have the “adjust pivot rollout” and the “working pivot
rollout” . we are just going to need these 2 rollouts .
We want this door to function normally from the right side
If you activate “affect pivot only” option , you can control the pivot
point’s position only . these arrows represents the pivot aspects .
Now we can bring it aside and turn off the this option
If we rotate the door now , it will function as a normal door , moving
from the hinges .
And you can also move the pivot point anywhere across the object .
Rotation and scaling the object happens accordingly to the pivot
point .
Now what if we activate the affect object only option ? the pivot
point will stay the same but the object can be moved .
I will reset the pivot point now .
You can also rotate the pivot point directions but it this case , it
doesn’t effect the way the door opens .
“Affect hierarchy only” will just affect the object’s descendants .
The important point here is that when you are using the “affect pivot
only” if you click “center to object” , the pivot point will be moved to
the center of your object’s mass . in this case it seems like the door’s
turn style is reset but the point is that the default position of the
pivot point for a box is at the bottom center . as you can see when I
click on “reset pivot” , it moves to it’s default place .
But in the sphere for example , the pivot point is at the center of the
mass . unless you have chosen the “base to pivot” option .
as for a box , the pivot point is at the bottom center
You must always consider where the pivot point of your object is ,
but it’s always at some center .
While using the “affect pivot only” if you click on the “align to object”
option , the rotations of the pivot direction and other adjustments
will be aligned with your current object and if you choose “align to
world” , it will be aligned with it’s world state .
The point with the “working pivot” is that you can have a temporary
pivot to have some work done to your object . for example I will put
the pivot where it would function normally but right now , I would
like to change my pivot point a little bit .
First you click on the “edit pivot” option and this sign of edit WP
which stands for working pivot appears . I change the pivot position ,
as you can see “use pivot” option is activated , I can do what I want
with my 3d object which is now turning on this pivot and when I
deactivate this option , it will reset to it’s early position .
It’s basically a temporary pivot .
Now that we’re about to finish , I have a bonus for you which is you
can also animate this object as well .
I activate the auto key and set it on 100 frames .
I open the door slowly . now I hit the play . as you can see the pivot is
in the right place , the door knob is linked to the door and the door
functions well in the animation .

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